WTWY: Claire at Blah to Tada

There is always something crafty and inspiring going on at Blah to Tada! and with that said it’s one of my all-time favourite blogs. I’m really glad that the author of the blog Claire is sharing her travel must-haves this week.

  1. Cardigan – I’ll take a thicker one if it’s cold in my destination. But even if it’s a tropical city, you’ll never know when it will be chilly on the plane, train or restaurant. I can easily change the look for day or night with a fun brooch.
  2. Reusable bag – This one folds into a small package, is lightweight and water repellent. I’ll stuff it with essentials for the beach, purchases from the local grocery or flea market. It also comes in handy when I buy souvenirs that can no longer fit my suitcase.
  3. Book – Because when one travels these days, there’s a lot of waiting involved.
  4. Snacks in reusable containers & a water bottle – I have to admit, when I’m hungry I turn grumpy. So I have a snack with me (and enough to share) wherever I go. I’ll fill a reusable container with home-baked treats or pastries from my favorite cafe. Then I’ll refill it with local goodies for the duration of my stay and for the return trip.

    I also take my own water bottle. Just because some cities aren’t into recycling yet, doesn’t mean we have to hold back on our eco-consciousness.

  5. Blank notecards – Because I might get invited to dinner party and I’ll need to write a little note to match the hostess gift that I’m bringing; or if I meet a hospitable family and I want to send them a “thank you”; and in case I want to write home and can’t get hold of any postcards, I have these in my luggage.

Thank you so much Claire for sharing! Me too, I like to bring along note cards/bookmarks and some of my sunshine bracelets.

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