3 more floral variations + some hand lettering

Chapter: DIY + tips and tricks   Series: Bookmarks & Cards

Sometimes when I make a card I like to include a hand written sentiment particularly when there’s a phrase that is upon my heart. On the following cards, I’m using the blooms and foliage images from the Loved stamp set by Waffle Flower once again, to create three variations. Out of which two I’ve hand-lettered the words — one with a colour pencil, the other with watercolour.

Three varied looks with floral and foliage images.

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Field trip to Queenstown + Canon G7X Mark II (part 2)

Chapter: City Rounds   Series: Explore SG

Thanks for coming along with me in part 1 on my field trip to the Queenstown neighbourhood documented using the new Canon G7X Mark II. Here in part 2, out of all the shots shown, only three have undergone post editing. It is my hope to roll out images as they are to show off the G7X goodness.

Along Commonwealth Drive. ISO 125, f/2.8, 1/2000

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