Hub’s notebooks

[Chapter: Blooming zakka]

Hub loves notebooks and journals. After buying the ones he likes, they usually get interspersed among his stacks of books. Then usually I come along later to uncover them one by one while dusting the stacks. (Oh how I enjoy and feel rewarded for doing housework.) I have found a few that are new to me, and I think they are pretty unique.

▲ A handsome orange A6 journal with elastic band and all, unbelievably from Daiso! Right beside it is an illustrated spiral-bound pad from the Korean brand Morning Glory. Next a blue-lined exercise book from Singapore Souvenirs, and last but not least, a Muji exercise book with boxes on every page.

Now I would have to remind him however of storing new notebooks on our designated bookshelf, so that we can keep tabs on our combined notebook inventories…lest we forget what we own.