Bookshop guide: N S Bookshop

Chapter: City rounds

Small neighbourhood bookshops have always been my fave, now even more as their numbers have dwindled. When I was growing up we had a well-stocked bookshop in my neighbourhood that offered many things from stationery to magazines, wallets, handkerchiefs, and books. My sister got most of her Enid Blyton books there (this was pre Borders or Kinokuniya days). And oh yes some bookshops on our island tend to deviate from selling books and are highly likely to be stationery + knickknacks shops instead.

I want to introduce a few of these shops and some others, and share with you some fun finds and happy buys.

Let me begin with my favourite neighbourhood that I know so well — Tanglin Halt. A little place called N S Bookshop is located below the train station at Commonwealth. It’s a part-stationery and part-sundries store, so you’ve got to excuse the rows of nail polishes, cosmetics and pantyhoses, other than that the hybrid stationery shop has an array of colourful supplies at every corner to pique one’s interest.

BuyHearts smiley thumb tacks, KCK glitter powders and KCK storage folders with label holders.

For a small space like theirs, I believe they’re doing their best to keep the stationery spread relevant and fresh. Check out my list of recommended happy buys below.

Happy buys

  • KCK zipper folders up to A4 size — below $6.00
  • KCK fine glitter powders, funky neon colours — $2.00 per bottle
  • Carioca Joy set of 12 washable markers (Made in Italy) — $3.90
  • Adhesive label sheets in fluorescent colours, and silver — $3.90 to $6.90

My own happy buys – clear ziplock folder, a pack of silver adhesive sheets, and my Italian Carioca markers. The last time I bought anything Italian were clothes pegs at Sheng Siong!

N S Bookshop
88 Tanglin Halt Road #01-06 Singapore 141088

At Commonwealth Station, exit left after ticket gantry, take the stairs down and walk straight ahead towards a row of shops on your right. Many buses (100, 105, 111, 145, 147, 195, 196, 198, etc…) stop in front of the shop too.

How to clean a foggy fine mesh strainer

Chapter: DIY + tutorials

Anytime a stubborn stain is finally removed, I get excited. Excited to want to tell everyone about it or write a book about it. I know book writing is ridiculous but blogging about it shouldn’t be.

For a long time I had a foggy-looking mesh strainer that resisted all my intermittent cleaning efforts, namely scrubbing with a sponge and toothbrush, soaking overnight in a baking soda solution, and even poking with the slimmest pin needle I could find.

Then the other night while I was using a melamine sponge to erase away some tea stains on my mugs, I so happened to reach for the strainer and began scrubbing the mesh surface with the sponge. The result? The “fog” vanished!

I hurried on to scrub another strainer that was suffering the same foggy fate, and let’s just say the fine sponge truly rubbed off whatever that was clinging onto the fine mesh.

Hello sunshine! Both these strainers look so much cleaner now that the “fog” has cleared.

Why hadn’t I done this earlier?! Anyhow it’s a breakthrough. My strainers are fine now.