Smartphone magnetic card with dock: When can I see you again and more

Chapter: DIY + techniques

Not long ago when a friend’s 7-year-old daughter asked if I know the song “When can I see you again?” I nodded and replied “…yes, does it sound like..when will I see you again, when will we…”. I was singing the song that came to mind from The Three Degrees but soon I stopped my rendition because she wasn’t nodding in return. She hurried to get her mum’s handphone and played the song for me at Youtube. The song she was after is from Owl City, which I had not heard before. She also showed me the dance steps she had learnt at school that go with the tune.

So when CAN I see you again?

This phrase has since been stuck in my head. I was hoping to use these words somewhere and they eventually landed as a message on a card I made.

And I made a smartphone magnetic card with its own docking station.

“When can I see you again?” Phone image was white heat embossed onto silver cardstock. The same cardstock was embossed and folded up to make the dock (instructions are below).

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