A new relationship

[Chapter: Living]

Wearing a new pair of shoes is like entering a new relationship, involving a discovery of suitability, and working out the differences.

▲ My new sandals, with some pink rain lilies just beside, they were the reason I took this photo.

I thought my new pair of Bon Dress sandals (I fell for its bright fuchsia colour which feels energizing!) looked relatively easy to break into, but on the first day I ended up with 2 blistering spots on one of my blister-prone feet.

Nevertheless I’m set to make this relationship work…with post-and-preventive measures I hope to talk about here someday.

The inflatable dragon playground

[Chapter: City rounds]

Many Sundays ago when I was at the museum, there was an inflatable slide at the front lawn. It had attracted a group of kids enjoying playtime on a replica of a real playground that has obtained heritage status on our island – the Toa Payoh Dragon Playground.

This outdoor replica is part of an exhibition and is opened on weekends. I took these photos, and kept them away in my drive.

Then two Sundays ago, I was near the vicinity close to evening time. That’s when I saw the playground deflated, and realised oh…it has to be kept away until the next weekend arrives where it’ll be puffed up for playtime yet again (until 31st of this month though).