Ribbon straw toppers

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Earlier this month, I bought some tumblers to set aside as presents to my little nephews for the quickly-arriving Christmas.

Since the tumblers have a straw valve, I’m thinking of including some patterned paper straws to accompany the cups. However the kids might not be able appreciate the pretty but expensive straws, so I have chosen plain white straws instead, and then have decorated them with striped ribbons made into bows. Here’s what I did:


Apply glue near the off centre of the ribbon strip, and to the end. Don’t mind the ribbon ends not aligning at this point because any uneven length can be trimmed away later. Wrap it around a dummy straw to avoid getting adhesive on the actual straw. Trim the ribbon, and if necessary, lightly dab the ends with white glue to tame frays.


To make the bowtie, simply tie a regular bow then bring the ends to the back to create a loop. Glue in place.

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