Making a simple paper doily

Chapter: Projects

I like to collect and try out various ideas for gift packaging and one of which I’ve been contemplating on experimenting was making my own decorative paper doilies.

I came up with this non-elaborate easy version, which is essentially like cutting a snowflake. I did:

1. Follow these 5 steps on a piece of square to reach this stage.
2. Draw a curve (with the help of something circular), as shown.
3. Trim to get scallop edge.
4. Spread out folds, mark (in red) where the centre of a circle should be.
5. Punch holes.
6-7. Fold back up. Make cuts on opposite sides.
8. Reveal.

Just like the numerous snowflake patterns out there, there are also many ways to invent pretty lacy cutouts.

12 thoughts on “Making a simple paper doily

  1. You have interesting ideas and you provide photos for us to follow. i am going to make some doilies for Christmas! Thanks, Clara.


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