How to keep a book open with a twistable wire

Chapter: Projects

After seeing how the versatile Queuger can clutch onto a book to hold back falling pages, I went into experiment-mode and look to my foam hair curler, twist tie and craft wire hoping they will be able to do the same too.

Meet your new super slim and lightweight bookstands: foam hair curler, twist tie and craft wire.

All three fared pretty well! Who knew right?!

The twistable foam hair curler turned out to be a great help for both thin and chunky books. It also helps to anchor pages that tend to flip to a close when the book is lying on its back.

Inspired by the success of the hair curler, I took out a twist tie saved from a coil of electrical cable, and craft wire. And both were excellent!

The white twist tie is a little stronger/stiffer than the kind used to tie up gift packages.

Finally, in order to make my wire makeshift bookstand look a little more presentable and gentler on the pages, I sandwiched the the twist tie between 2 ribbon strips, then sealed it all around with fabric glue (though stitches would be much better).

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