Couture paper bow ties

Chapter: Projects

After folding several bow ties following this diagram by David Petty, I tried adding bents and twists until I couldn’t think of anymore possibilities.

For the green bow above, 2 stripes (made before step 5 from abovementioned diagram) of different sizes were stacked together before continuing. The pink bow below it was made by making the bow ends narrower (by folding in the sides) before slipping them into the middle pouch.

I tried to make the next bow above a little rounder especially at the centre, hoping to mimic Hello Kitty’s. The bow below saw a little raised pillow formed when I resisted in flattening that middle region.

I wanted to attach the bows onto paperclips but found that they could tear easily, so I might just save them as gift toppers instead.

17 thoughts on “Couture paper bow ties

    1. Hi Jazzmin, you can first flatten the center of the bow then on each end, fold the pointed tip behind and make small folds around the edge to try to make it rounder.

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