WTWY: Pepper at Pepper Creations

Today I’m so happy to have Pepper at Pepper Creations here to share her top 5 indispensables. Pepper is a crafty gal from Singapore and I love how she captures various moments of her life and documents them on her journal .

Without further ado, here’s Pepper!

  1. Midori Travelers Notebook / Fauxdori –  As I’m a vegetarian, I made my own Midori Notebook using faux leather. People called it Fauxdori. I bring one notebook with me for each of my travel. You can read more about how I document my travels using this Instagram account to see me journal on the go :)
  2. Jurlique Facial Products – I love the mini bottles from Jurlique starter kit. I started buying the Hydration kit because my skin dry out when I’m in a less than humid country. It works very well when I’m in Australia, so I thought why stop there. I end up buying the Sensitive kit as well for use when I’m in Singapore . And now I’m a total Jurlique fan. Jurlique is Adelaide Australia’s very own brand. And I just love how good quality the products are, very gentle on the skin and definitely hydrates my skin . Ever since I start using this, I experience very minimal peeling of skin :) Not to mention the Rose products smell awesome :D
  3. Instax Share Printer by Fujiflim – I got mine from MS Colour . Passion Gadgets also offer this item at a reasonable price. I love the idea of Polaroid but I hate the quality of the images. With this tiny printer, I can send photos from my SDL to my phone and then to the printer. All the images are gorgeous , sharp and clear enough, but with a hint of vintage touch. I cannot say enough of how much I love this device :)
  4. Go Tubb and Go Toob by Human Gear – I got mine from The Planet Traveler. Love the colors of the tubs. They are slightly more expensive but it totally prevents slips. I had used containers from Daiso and others , and had bad experience with them bursting inside my toiletries bag despite taking careful measures. I used the Go Toob for facial wash, shower gel and shampoo. While the Go Tubbs can contains my medicine or cream.
  5. USB Adaptor – I got mine from Home-Fix. Since I bring along with
    me iPad, iPhone, iPhone portable charger, Canon 6D , Macbook and etc, I have tons of devices to charge. This pretty little ball has 2 usb ports, capable of charging my iPad and iPhone at the same time. I have another adaptor for other charging purposes. This item saves my iPad and iPhone.

— Pepper

Thanks so much for taking the time to share, Pepper!

I’ve just restarted the WTWY series, in case you missed last week’s guest Carmia, here’s the link to check out her list. If you like to share yours, please send over (mail at bloomize . com) your list of top 5 and a high res photo. Thanks!

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