28 August 2012

WTWY: Marta at Marta Writes

[Chapter: What travels with you]

I’m super excited that Marta from Marta Writes is here today to share her favourite things that she brought with her to the Alt Design Summit last week.

What’s a little extra special than the usual “What travels with you?” rendering is we will get to see extra more belongings! Yay!

  1. Ruffly purse – I picked it up at a consignment shop in Salt Lake City, it was originally from Anthropologie, but I got for under $16. Yay. I had to get it. I love when things just SING to you.
  2. Notebook – A handy notebook for lists on the go and my preferred pen, the pilot p-700.
  3. J.Crew mittens – A must-have for Idaho winters.
  4. Rosebud salve – I have a stockpile of lip stuff!
  5. Emergency tiny toys – To entertain my little boy.
  6. Aveda caribbean therapy body creme – A luxury hand lotion.
  7. Hand sanitizer – A no-brainer.
  8. Hair ties – Girlie pigtails to the rescue.
  9. Makeup – Bobbi Brown lipstick in BLUSH, MAC lustreglass lipgloss in LOVE NECTAR, Bobbi Brown foundation stick (this stuff is magic).

Thank you so much Marta for taking time to share your list! I have really enjoyed catching glimpses of the Alt conference through your pics, and am benefiting from your fabulous recaps and collection of memorable quotes from the attendees. Thank you!!

If you too would like to share your travel must-haves, you are always welcome to send me (mail @ bloomize . com) your list and a high res photo.

Thanks for your company this week. See you on Monday.

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Comments (5)   2011.01.28


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  1. From Lynn

    Love her list and the emergency toys! I seem to always have emergency snacks to fill my hungry kids. :)

    2011.01.28 @ 5:43 pm

  2. From Tracy

    WOW…I love Marta’s mix of very useful/practical along with the fun & girlie–wonderfully done! I just love this series, Clara! Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

    2011.01.28 @ 7:51 pm

  3. From sunny

    the bag is adorable and she got it for only $16! what a prize. The notebook is cute..and I must get some lip balm like hers.

    so happy she shared about her bag!

    2011.02.01 @ 3:50 am

  4. From Caca

    I love Martha’s idea to keep some little tiny toys in the bag. I stock snacks to keep my kids mouth shut.

    2011.02.16 @ 1:37 pm

  5. From bookjunkie

    I LOVE Idaho even though I have never been there….it promises snow! Do you watch the Shaytards….I learnt about Idaho from their YouTube vlogs.

    Loving the red notebook and the message on it :) And I’ve never seen gloves with compartments like those before, but then again I am in perpetual summer Singapore where sadly we don’t have a need for them :(

    2011.03.28 @ 11:29 pm

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