WTWY: Leesh at Blarkness

[Chapter: What travels with you ]

Leesh at Blarkness had recently packed for a trip to Dominican Republic and I’m very happy that she shares her favourite 5 items.

  1. LUG Nap Sac Travel Blanket & Pillow Set – Sometimes I think of leaving this set at home but I am always so thankful when I am on the airplane and it’s freezing cold. I have used it so much, it’s become my security blanket when flying.
  2. Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses – Since I mainly go to the beach on my vacation, sunglasses need to be with me at all times when I travel. I mainly need them on the airplane if traveling during the day, sometimes even at night.
  3. iPhone – It has my games, my music, it has everything. My life is basically held in this one gadget. I also find it useful when I have to jot down notes or ideas for the travel blog I share with my husband.
  4. Jelly Belly jelly beans – Everyone needs to carry a snack with them and this is my choice of candy. It’s perfect to eat when you have been lying out in the sun too long. I love the little case my friend gave to me two years ago.
  5. Kobo Touch – I recently made the transition to an e-reader. It sure beats lugging multiple books in your luggage. Reading has become an essential for a beach vacation.

Thank you so much Leesh for taking time to be here. Have a good trip to Vegas!

3 thoughts on “WTWY: Leesh at Blarkness

  1. I like Blarkness’s collection of must-haves… especially that blanket & pillow set–that is very nice! Need to look into one of those. Those skimpy blankets & pillow given on the plane offer no comfort, that’s for sure… LOL! Happy Weekend, Clara ((HUGS))

  2. Thanks for letting be a part of this series. It was fun trying to narrow down what I bring. I am such a pack-rat and I tend to bring things for every type of scenario that may happen.

    The LUG blanket and pillow set was given to me as a gift but if you ever come across it, definitely pick one up, it’s worth it!

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