16 June 2012

WTWY: Katie at Making This Home

[Chapter: What travels with you]

I’m so excited today to have Katie, who writes a beautiful journal Making This Home here to share her travel belongings!

  1. Old college water bottle – You don’t get a big glass of free water at restaurants; they want you to buy drinks. So I just bring my own free water to sip before and after.
  2. {This Journey I am Taking} – It’s a handmade travel journal from Gadanke.
  3. Brown German pen – I love the look of writing in brown ink!
  4. American lip balm – Just because.
  5. My passport – I often need to show documentation. I like to tuck it into a little fabric cover I made so others don’t see that I’m not a European.

Thank you very much Katie for sharing your fabulous list! I too dress up my paprika passport, with a black cover.

If you like to share your top 5, please don’t hesitate to send me (mail at bloomize . com) your list and a landscape picture in high res. Thanks!

You know something, if I should do another fun series, it will be this: “How heavy is your (everyday) bag?” Would that be interesting? Hmm…well anyhow happy weekend!

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  1. From Lynn

    What a perfect name for a travel journal. Love her list!

    2010.11.26 @ 9:22 pm

  2. From Katie

    Oh cool! Thanks for sharing what travels with me. I love how you personalize the little details on the bottom of the picture with the USA/German touches. It’s so interesting to see what we’re all carrying.

    2010.11.28 @ 6:16 pm

  3. From patm

    I’m enjoying this series very much! It’s fun to see the various things that each of us call essential. :)

    2010.11.30 @ 3:06 pm

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