WTWY: Florence at Pirouette

[Chapter: What travels with you ]

Today I’m really excited that Florence Rolando who writes about fashion and design for kids and grownups at Pirouette is sharing her travel companions with us. She also contributes to the MilK Magazine.

  1. Scarfs and shawls of all sorts to protect me from the cold (and from the abuse of Air Conditioning in the US), but also to give simple outfits an easy stylish touch.
  2. Info travel, as I can’t bear missing THE good restaurant, hotel or gallery wherever I go. The best source of information is word of mouth, but I find Wallpaper guides pretty reliable.
  3. My cameras. I have a Canon Ixus – always at hand reach for snap shots (it’s pretty beat up) and a Lumix which I take better care of.
  4. My iPod for music and podcasts. I listen to Ted Talks and also to all the Ifm (Institut francais de la mode) lectures on fashion, trends, design.
  5. Good films (that I will download and watch on my ipad) and good books (that I read on my Kindle).

Florence, thank you for taking time to be here! The interviews that you do with kids and their parents from around the world are fabulous. I’ve seen MilK in Japanese but I’m sure keeping a lookout for MilK in French.

If you like to share your travel indispensables, just send me (mail at bloomize . com) your list of top 5 and a picture.

[p.s. Catch a glimpse of Florence's lovely home in central London at Design Sponge. ]

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