WTWY: Denise at BeColorAnd

Happy Friday! My guest today is Denise Beckand, the talented artist behind BeColorAnd. I love many of Denise’s illustrative paper cuttings, some of which were commissioned for publication in Dutch magazines. I was only humbled when she agreed to share her travel essentials with us.

Please join me to welcome Denise!

  1. Eyeglasses – The only thing I hate about aging is the deterioration of my eyes. So I have a bag full of various glasses for all occasions.
  2. Jewelry – I don’t wear a lot of jewelry but a few earrings and a brooch always go with me on a journey.
  3. Sunscreen – Anytime, anywhere; I have very sensitive skin and burn easily. I protect myself always, even in the winter.
  4. Makeup – I never, really never leave the house without red lipstick and some black mascara.
  5. Notebook – Maybe you think where’s the camera? That’s right; I always forgot to take pictures on a journey, so one day I decided to leave my camera at home and enjoy the memorable things at that moment. I rather take a notebook with me for notes, drawings and inspiration.

— Denise

Thanks so much Denise! I really appreciate you taking time to be here.

The WTWY series has re-started and if you like to share your list, please don’t hesitate to send in (mail at bloomize dot com} your photo of the 5 items and the reasons why they are indispensable to you. Thanks!

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