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I’m so glad that Colleen at The Pancake Chronicles is here to share her travel essentials. It is always an eye opener to read Colleen’s blog about life in Yellowknife, Canada where she lives. My tropical blood shivers at the thought of living under extreme minus temperatures.

Travelling from the Northwest Territories of Canada to Anywhere Else means being prepared to cover the gamut of climates. Nothing tested this more than when we decided to go to Mexico for vacation with my husband’s family. There’s something so odd about getting on a plane in your parka and getting off in shorts and flip flops. Where does the parka go?

This list is bereft of my camera, ipod, and books because for me they are equivelant to bringing one’s wallet and a week’s worth of underwear -they aren’t optional.

So! These things and climate variances aside the items I cannot travel without are as follows:

  1. Vaseline – it takes me from dry to humid. A little on my lips for gloss, on my hands and elbows at night and my skin is so soft the following day. It protects my skin from the ridiculously water-free environment I live in to air-conditioned planes to sea-salted beaches to chlorinated pools to windy, cold days and beyond. I like the wee travel container. It’s cheap. It’s indispensible. I love it.
  2. Foot Savers (from Yamuna Body Rolling) – A massage therapist introduced these to me several years ago and I am forever grateful. My feet give me grief on a regular basis but after stretching them on these my toots feel ready to go again, and me with them. I just got back from a trip to beautiful Québec City and I’m not sure I could’ve walked for as long and as often as I did if I had not brought the foot savers along.
  3. Pacifica Body Butter in Brazilian Mango Grapefruit – Egads, I love this stuff! Pure smelly delight! And all of Pacifica’s scents are amazing. With names like “Indian Coconut Nectar”, “Tuscan Blood Orange”, and “Mediterranean Fig” it’s really hard to choose. But for me Brazilian Mango Grapefruit is the perfect vacation scent. One sniff and you’ll want to be browsing oceanside markets in a wrap-around skirt and a big-brimmed straw hat. Take me there!
  4. Pyrrha Necklace – I wear my initial “M”necklace almost everywhere I go while on holidays – “M” is for my husband Mark. I love its simple and old-world look, and it goes with everything. A special piece for me that I don’t want to be without when I’m far away from home.
  5. Mitts – I said “climate variances aside” but these puppies need to be mentioned. My hands get cold so easily and while we’re traversing throughout the elements I feel so grateful to slip my phalanges in these. The inside is sheep wool and my hands never overheat . They are perfect, perfect, perfect. I lost a pair of these once at the grocery store and I replaced them the same day. I can’t leave my house, territory, country without them.

Thanks so much Colleen for being here and sharing your list.

If you like to share your travel indispensables, just send me (mail at bloomize . com) your list of top 5 things and a picture.

3 thoughts on “WTWY: Colleen at The Pancake Chronicles

  1. Thank you, Clara! It was fun to put this together.
    Sue-ann – a massage therapist introduced me to the Foot Savers. It can be painful at times but they feel such relief afterward that I put up with it. I hope you find what you need to alleviate your aches.

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