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Right about this time five years ago (gasp) I began a series called What Travels With You, aka WTWY to peek into the travel bags of crafty bloggers and readers for their top 5 must-have items. I was very grateful that they graciously took time to share. This year I hope to continue the series a second time. My first guest today is Carmia Cronjé, a graphic designer and owner of a very beautiful printable goods shop Clementine Creative. Carmia’s brush lettering and artwork is gorgeous. You can download calendars, invites, namecards and even dinner menus in her shop!

Please join me to welcome Carmia!

In a few weeks I’ll be moving to my own apartment. I live in South Africa and will be moving from the Free State province to the Western Cape province. That’s 1400 km – two days of driving! Luckily my boyfriend will be helping me pack and will also be driving. These are some of the things I will be packing in my handbag:

  1. iPad – my trusty iPad always keeps me occupied when I’m bored. I have a few books to read on the Kindle app, some articles I can read offline in my Pocket app, and games.
  2. Anti-frizz spray – We’ll be driving through three different climates in two days, so my hair is sure to get frizzy.
  3. Breath drops: This teeny tiny bottle does the trick and doesn’t take up a lot of space in my bag.
  4. Shine control tissues – My face gets oily throughout the day so when I’m on the road I use these shine control tissues to blot up oil from my face. I can’t relax when my face is oily.
  5. Hand sanitiser – I’m a real germophobe and have to have clean hands at all times! Even if I have washed my hands with soap and water I will still use my mini shea butter hand sanitiser when I’m on the road. That’s just how crazy I am.

~ Carmia

Thank you so much Carmia for being here. Have a safe journey and congrats on your new home!

Join me next week for another crafty guest. If you like to join in, you are welcome to send me (mail at bloomize . com) a landscape photo in high res and your list of 5 indispensables. Thank you.

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