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I was so happy when Carley at Finding Gravity got in touch with me to share her travel essentials. Carley recently travelled to the gorgeous Australia and magnificent Ireland. Without further ado, please join me to welcome her!

This list is bereft of my camera and ipod because for me they are equivelant to bringing one’s wallet and a week’s worth of underwear – they aren’t optional.

So, these things (and climate variances aside) are the items I cannot travel without:

I’ve been all around the world, enough times to have finally figured out a few traveling must haves. I tried to think of things I know I would need on a daily basis. Obviously there are certain clothing choices I make, depending on what part of the world I’m in, but I chose these items mainly because I use them in every climate and location.

  1. Pawpaw Ointment. The majority of you are probably confused, scratching your heads, wondering what this mystery red tube is. I’ve been to Australia several times, and this stuff is magical. It is an ointment that cures EVERYTHING. Do you have a baby with diaper rash? Use Pawpaw. Do you have chapped lips? Use Pawpaw. Do you have a cut, and need an antiseptic? That’s right, use Pawpaw! The Australians swear by it, and you know what, I can vouch for them. I brought back four or five tubes of this stuff with me. One tube lasts for month, and a little goes a long way. I bring Pawpaw with me in every climate. It cures cracked hands or skin in cold climates, and it stops insect bites from itching in humid weather.
  2. Journal. I am a writer, and I especially love writing about my travels. Having a notebook is a great way to kill time when you’re on a plane, or if you’re traveling between countries on a train. Having a journal can also be therapeutic if you’re feeling homesick. When I travel, it’s usually for months at a time, and there are moments when I miss little things about home. It’s always a blast coming back to my journey a year later, and reading what I was thinking at the time.
  3. Plug adapter. This is something MANY people look over. It’s easy to get wrapped up in packing the right clothes for every occasion. Next thing you know, you’re at your hotel in a foreign country, and your computer and phone chargers don’t fit into the outlets. There are many different kinds of plug adapters, but I recommend buying one that has multiple switches built into it. Having one adapter is more convenient to pack than packing an adapter that you have to assemble. The one shown here has a European plug, American plug, and an Australian plug. All you have to do is slide the dials up and down to switch the plugs.
  4. My Nikon D3000. Having a nice camera when I travel is vital. I’m a photography geek, so I like having a few different lenses to choose from as well. If you have a small, hand held digital camera is of course fine. Cameras are expensive investments! However, so are long trips, and I want to know that I’ll be snapping quality pictures to reflect my experience.
  5. Phone/Ipod. I’m fortunate to have an iPhone, so my iPod and phone are combined into one device. If I’m in another country for months, I usually just buy a cheap prepaid phone once I’m in the country, to avoid long distance calls. However, I always have MY phone ready during the traveling process for safety reasons, and to let people back home I’ve landed safely. I’m also a music fanatic, and I’m not sure how I’d survive a 24 hour flight to Australia without some good tunes.

Thanks so much Carley for being here, I really appreciate it. I’m glad you brought up pawpaw which is a wonderful, if not very powerful healing fruit.

Thanks for the company this week and I’ll be back on Easter Sunday for some thoughts on eternity.

7 thoughts on “WTWY: Carley at Finding Gravity

  1. It’s funny, because it’s something people ALWAYS tell me they forget! I know during my first trip to Australia…I was so focused on appropriate clothes, packing my camera, making sure I had sunscreen…once I arrived I had a huge Uh-Oh moment and had to venture the streets to find one!

  2. I echo you in three items on your list: the travel adapter, iPod, and camera. However, the camera that I use is a bridge camera (which is essentially the halfway camera between a point-and-shoot and an SLR. I love SLRs, but I find them very bulky for travel, and they give me sore shoulders in the end. I would have to compromise the option of having a choice of lenses, but the quality of the photos are still pretty good. However, I do applaud those who do bring their gear on long journeys. The photos are always worth it!

    Incidentally, my most recent update on my own site is about the contents of my most recent travel, so it was a wonderful coincidence to find this post.

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