Wordy banners

Chapter: Projects   Series: Bookmarks & Cards

These are simple and meaningful banners made by die cutting with a fishtail die followed by various alphabet dies.

Wordy die cut banners.

To make the letters on black banners clearly defined, white banners were placed behind them. Similarly the letters on white banners had black ones at the back.


  1. Die cut banners from black and white cardstock based on the number of alphabets required to form the words.
  2. Die cut an extra banner for use as a template for step 4.
  3. Align and die cut each of the letters on the black banner die cuts. Hold on to the small pieces from letters such as “o” and “p”.
  4. On the banner from step 2, mark two spots with a pen along the top edge then punch two holes with a hole puncher.
  5. Place a blank white banner behind each alphabet.
  6. Use the template as a guide to make holes on the banners.
  7. Adhere the small pieces saved from step 3 onto the corresponding white banners.
  8. String up the banners with twine.


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