Word search puzzle birthday card

Chapter: Projects   Series: Bookmarks & Cards
Playing with alpha dies again for a birthday card in red pink chocolatey colours. A little heart window was also added for extra interest.

Can you spot 2 other words on this puzzle? (Example: hay)

The idea was to stack all the letters evenly and then what happened next was I started seeing words other then the obvious “happy”, “birth” and “day”. I shall try out other greetings for word searching possiblities.


  1. Trim a piece of red cardstock to be 4-1/2″ x 6″. Score breathwise at the 1/2″ mark. Set aside.
  2. On a piece of white cardstock, trimmed to 3-1/4″ x 6″, space out the alpha dies in the middle. Draw a line for each row with a pencil to help with die placement.
  3. Position the alpha and small heart dies along the pencil lines, secure with washi tape, then send it through the die cutting machine. Repeat the process until all the required spaces have been die cut. Erase the pencil markings.
  4. Place this die cut panel over the red cardstock, then with a pencil trace one of the hearts at the bottom onto the red cardstock. Next, place the heart die over the traced outline on the red cardstock and put it through the die cutting machine. Align both pieces to see if the alignment works out.
  5. Adhere the die cut panel onto the red cardstock. For traces of white peeping out on the behind on the red panel, I used a red coloured pencil to make the white less obvious.
  6. Trim a separate piece of cardstock to be 4″ x 6″ and attach it to behind the red panel along the scored line made in Step 1. Hence the card has a red front and a white interior.
  7. Die cut alphabets and hearts using foam, felt, white cardstock and patterned papers. Stacked three die cut pieces of the alphas for white cardstock and patterned paper. I pasted double-sided tape behind foam and felt before die cutting to make adhering on the panel easier.
  8. Attach the alphabet and heart die cuts onto the card panel except for the bottom window heart which is adhered inside the card.


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