Vermicular pot cooks without water

The Vermicular enameled cast-iron pot from Japan is cleverly designed to excel in water-less cooking — that means cooking without adding water, broth or liquid of any kind to the ingredients. This is due to its supreme tight-lipped lid which helps retain liquid, particularly water-rich vegetables, and hence allows them to cook in their own juices. This will result in a richer flavour and taste.

It has been two years since the pot was first introduced and it continues to be all the rave and is selling overwhelmingly well in Japan (and in Japan only), creating many back orders for its manufacturer, a small company located in Nagoya.

Even just a quick glance at the pot of chicken and glutinous rice (second image) makes me hungry. Take a peek at the recipe (in Japanese but translates easily with any translator).

Have you noticed the “YOUR NAME” shown on the last image? Can you guess what’s it all about? Yes, you are right! For an additional fee of about 40 USD, you can have your name engraved on your own pot!

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