Unexpected incremental matryoshkas

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It hit me one fine day that one of my label dies could pass off as the body of a matryoshka. What’s more the die is part of a set of nesting dies which means I can die cut a set of matryoshka in increments without taking any trouble.

I used both sides of one sheet of double-sided patterned paper — one side has a black background with greyish florals while the reverse has white florals against a pink background.


  1. From a set of 6 label nesting dies, I chose 4 dies to make for four different sizes.
  2. Die cut 4 sizes on the blackish side of the patterned paper — these are for the bodies. Then die cut another set of 4 on the reverse side, in fact to save paper, I only die cut halfway on scraps — these halves are for the top portion.
    TIP — I used a sheet of 12″ double-sided patterned paper to make these eight dolls. Pre-plan which areas on the paper would look pretty for the doll before die cutting.
  3. Die cut the same number of circles that fit the head on the body. I used 3 different sizes of circles for the set of 4 dolls.
  4. Draw faces on each circle. A Root Beer Brushable and a Pure Brown Writer, both Zig markers were used for the hair, Salmon Writer for their lips and a pink colour pencil for the cheeks. The white gel pen was used to add a hairline parting on a few dolls.
  5. Trim around the head to remove some of the hair and white spaces.
  6. Adhere the reverse-half onto the body followed by the face with tape runner.
  7. Add heart foam stickers.

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