Tulipmania 2016

Chapter: City Rounds

Last year I was at Tulipmania when the display was near its end in early May. I witnessed some tulips wiltering. This year hub and I headed to the venue at Flower Dome right after it opened its doors for the display, about 2 weeks ago. This time I got to see some tulips in their pre-bloomed stage.

Did you know tulips were first cultivated in Turkey?

Quietly awaiting to bloom in an unsuspecting air-conditioned indoor garden.

Cherry blossom trees, purple rockrose, Shasta daisies and ivy-leaved geranium.

Besides the tulips, there were the cherry blossom trees, and mainstays like roses and daisies. After Tulipmanina we headed to Cloud Forest, adjacent to Flower Dome. We took the elevator up to the indoor “mountain top” then part-walked and part-on-escalator our way down to the ground.

We were a little jittery when we walked down on the metal walkway because it felt like we were treading on a scaffolding. The unusual looking flower is a rose grape and those pink berries turn purple when they become ripe. Unfortunately they are not related to grapes.

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