Triangle pattern masking + watercolour

Chapter: Projects   Series: Bookmarks & Cards

A 3 mm wide washi tape makes masking a background of triangles to create a modern pattern so simple to achieve. I was going for an asymmetric look and used the slim tape to help mark out triangles of various sizes.

Making the most of a slim 3mm washi tape for masking triangular patterns.

To fill in the unmasked areas, I coloured with just 2 watercolour pencils by Lyra, in black and pink, watered down to obtain varying shades to give the triangles some depth. As I was getting such a gorgeous result with the watercolouring, I did a similar background for my handphone cover too. By the way, the washi tape peels off very nicely!


  1. Tape washi to form 3-sided triangles.
    TIP — Run your fingers over every strip to make sure it is fully adhered. This prevents the colouring from sipping out.
  2. Scribble watercolour pencil onto the open spaces and spread it out with a waterbrush.
    TIP — To create gradation, I picked up colour from an area that had just been coloured and was still wet, then brushed onto a new spot. I would also dilute with water to make an even lighter shade.
  3. After the painting has dried, peel off the washi strips.
  4. Stamp sentiment with VersaFine ink and clear heat emboss. Die cut the word with the corresponding die. Adhere with foam tape onto the panel.
  5. Adhere panel onto card base with tape runner.

For the handphone cover, I traced the cover onto cardstock before I started to mask and paint. When the painting was done, I cut it out and used a rounder on the four corners. I had initially cut out a hole with a pen knife to let the camera and flashlight peek through but in the end I decided to just trim off the left uppermost section altogether.

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