Talking paper dolls with loom bands

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Believe it or not, rainbow loom bands make pretty hair accessories on all my 6 paper dolls. I love to stretch the use of these rubber bands, and just for that extra twist, five of them will be speaking in tongue twisters. Since I’m planning to give the dolls to the young kids around me I think some tongue twisting will be good fun.

Circle-based paper dolls with die cut speech bubbles. Each speech bubble was glued onto a strip of transparency so that it stays upright behind the doll’s head.

The list of tongue twisters are (the first 4 comes from me):

  1. Fred fried fresh fish, fresh fish Fred fried.
  2. How can a cow mow and tie a bow low?
  3. A fat black cat with a hat is at the back.
  4. Smooth move, move smooth. (3x)
  5. She sells sea shells by the sea shore.

I’m rediscovering the fine qualities of oil-based markers (on the right). I drew the starfish on the leftmost speech bubble with the blue marker and then dotted with a white gel pen but the dots eventually turned blue.


Those pieces that make up Eve’s fringe were cut from leftovers. You will see the fringe making process repeated in many of the dolls shown below.

The loom bands were stretched out before slipping into the ponytail. A puffy sticker was adhered onto the bands with white glue. The ponytail ends were curled with a slim crochet needle to give extra dimension.


Beth’s fringe was assembled similarly like Eve’s. What’s different is Beth’s “crossed” side bun made by slipping in 2 loom bands, a silver and gold.


She is sporting a garland, aka a French braid bracelet, and I always like to use gold jump rings as closure instead of the plastic clips. A heart charm was added as well. Her fringe is also similar to Eve’s.


I wanted his hair to look kind of unruly so one of ends of the fringe was left dangling while a smaller piece of paper was inserted. And Fred’s not wearing a garland like girls do, his happens to be an exercise headband. A strip of transparency was adhered with white glue behind.


Her hair style is similar to Eve’s. To make the braid, the ends of three strips of paper were adhered one on top of another. After braiding, the braid was rotated clockwise so that the glued-together ends are below, then 2 loom bands were tied around these ends. The loose ends were trimmed a little and glued behind the head. Mini heart stickers were also attached.


Kids love rainbows right? So I thought I could give rainbow colours a shot, and then add a fun fact in the speech bubble.

Fun fact: rainbow has 7 letters and colours.

I made a second speech bubble with the 7 colours written so as to adhere to the backside of the front speech bubble.

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