Talking paper dolls, and more tongue twisters

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Lately I’ve been having a kick at fabricating tongue twisters after this batch of dolls were pretty well accepted by my young recipients. They are slowly getting the hang of speaking (or more like getting tongue tangled) in alliterations.

I came up with five more:

  • Timothy tried twice (thrice). Twice (Thrice) Timothy tried.
  • These (ten) thick things here are not those (ten) thin things there.
  • Tens of thousands of tense termites.
  • Mandy mashes mushy mushrooms.
  • The meek big pig meets the weak thin kid.

So here are my new dolls.

Two dolls have similar hairdos (excluding fringes). Can you tell which are the two?



The bandana is made up of a smaller-than-a-semi-circle, and 2 small pieces to form the ends. The little red heart is a foam sticker.


The main part of her headphones was made by tracing an arc with the steel die (along the outer and inner edges). It is then adhered onto her hair.


The main section of Miriam’s scarf is identical to Priscilla’s side hair.


Doesn’t he look cute with his fohawk?

For a final touch, I glued the dolls onto paper straws so they can be displayed upright in any container. Straws aside, the dolls can also be turned into magnets and badges by attaching a piece of magnetic tape and pin at the back respectively.

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