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To be honest, I was never keen on origami hearts (or roses for that matter) for a fairly long time because it was hard to accept the way they look — I find them too edgy and not very loving.

Well that’s all in the past. My perception has changed (and I’m so glad). I have embraced their looks and I will admire them as they are.

I’ve been on a folding spree over the new year break, particularly enjoying making heart after heart, starting with:

1. Origami heart ring

The ring design is by Hiroshi Kumasaka [熊坂浩氏]. I use a 7.5cm/2.95″ square to make a size 5 ring. As a rough guide add 2.5cm to the circumference (of the finger) to determine the length of the paper. Say, if the finger circumference is 6cm, the paper size should be about 8.5cm.

Make bigger rings to use as napkin ring, bangle, scroll tie, bottle tag, etc.

1. Use a square and divide it into one-eighth.
2. Fold in half vertically.
3. Unfold. Fold towards the 2/8 crease. Crease.
4. Turn over.
5. Fold 2 triangles to meet the vertical centre.
6. Fold the peak behind as shown.
7. Lift up the flap.

8. Flatten to a triangle. Repeat on other side.
9. Bring the edge marked “A” to align with vertical centre.
10. Crease.
11. Repeat on other side.
12. Fold down a tiny bit on both peaks.
13. Fold up the remaining 1/8 folds, one on another.
14. Turn over.
15. Bend and slip the left band into the right (or vice versa).
16-17. Slip the end into the nearest slot.

My preference is to hide those 2 flappy peaks (from step 12) inwards.

2. 2-sided heart

Totally in love with this heart by Matthew Gardiner which looks identical both front and back. You got try it to believe!


Crease well. Bring up the sides to meet in the centre, which should result in a square base. Then fold down the base in half for the heart to show up.

3. Easy heart

Followed this tutorial which uses a piece of triangle paper (i.e. the diagonal half of a square).

4. Change of heart

Designed by Kathleen Weller for a dollar bill. Features kite-like folds in the middle to hold a coin. Truly brilliant.

1. Paper length should be >2x longer than its breath.
2. Fold a triangle at both ends. Crease well.
3. Unfold.
4. Repeat step 2 on opposite sides.
5. Unfold. Identify A and B.
6. Push in the triangles A and B.
7. Let them contact in the middle.
8. Press the top triangle down.
9. Repeat on other end.
10. Fold up a triangle. Crease.

11. Open up the triangle from step 10.
12. Flatten to become a square.
13. On the square, fold in 2 smaller triangles.
14. Open up the triangles and flatten as shown.
15. Repeat steps 10 to 14 on the other three sides.
16. Carefully fold in half. Crease.

17-18. Open up. Lift up the right section.
19. Bring it to align right next to the left section.
20. Lift up the right section again.
21. Fold in corner triangles.
22. Bring the right section back down.
23. Fold a portion behind.
24. Turn over.
25-26. Fold in the sides. Turn over.

Other hearts to heart:
Simple heart using dollar bill/rectangle paper
Single heart with front pocket
Page marker cum 4-leaf clover leaf
Lover’s ring by Franics Ow (demo)
Pull-apart card
Gallery of hearts based on designs by Francis Ow


Amazing hearts with either a crane, boat, plane, house, lips, diary and much more!!

[p.s. Kindly refrain from sharing the entire tutorial on your blog/website, please direct your readers over here to view the steps. Thank you.]

32 thoughts on “Sweet origami hearts

  1. What a wonder! So many so many compliments, six very good and these origamis are eclectic indeed. Your answer I am happy to and that am not sorry you if I have you link! Regards
    (p.s.: My knowledge of the English is not very ample, therefore I use a translator. I hope that am comprehensible what I write!)

  2. Awesome!!!!
    I just couldn’t pull off that “change of heart one” i guess the paper was cut in a wrong way!

    Thank you for sharing!

    A hug from Brazil!

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  4. Thank you so much for sharing. I am getting married in April and thanks to you I have solved the problem of table decorating on a tight budget. I will have the heart napkin rings and some beautiful paper roses! Not only are they cheaper than the mass produced stuff but the fact that me and my intended will make them together makes them so much more special and meaningful. <3

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