Sweet friendclips refresh the soul

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On this project I have packaged paperclips on tags to be given as gifts for my goddaughter’s friend and her sisters, all of whom she’s going to meet in person for the first time in a couple of weeks. We are preparing gifts for each of the girls.

Sweet friendclips refresh the soul!

If you haven’t seen how these fabric covered button paperclips are made, here is a short video. My then 11 year-old goddaughter shows you how.

I didn’t intend for the tags to turn out this big actually. Each paperclip is simply slipped behind a “tag hole reinforcer” that is not intended for this purpose of course but I thought it would be interesting to have it serve a different purpose. It’s meant to be used like this.


  1. Cut out tags from cardstock. They each measure 4″ x 7.25″. I doubled up my 250 GSM cardstock with a tape runner to make the tags sturdy.
  2. Paint on the tag with watercolours. 2 colours were used.
  3. Die cut the tag-hole reinforcers and paint them. Another alternative is just to cut short strips.
  4. Write the phase on each tag with a marker.
  5. Paste the tag reinforcers with glue applied towards the ends.
  6. Spritz some metallic blue ink just above the wording.
  7. Punch a hole at the top and tie trims. I used the same fabrics as those on the buttons.


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