Suspending round shaker tag

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Having saved some foliage die cuts that were cut from Christmas gift packagings (a perfume and a tea box to be exact) because the cardstock colours were too lovely (fresh looking shades of aqua, fuschia and orange) not to be utilized in some way, I had them all laid out for the background on this round tag.

The die cut Love is suspended with thread.

The word die cut has clear thread tied on the top and bottom “loops” on the letter L. Since I didn’t want the shaker elements to obstruct too much of word die cut, I suspended the word immediately behind the window frame so that it appears more in the forefront while the shaker mix lies behind.


  1. Die cut a circle for the base. I chose a (close to) 4.25″ size, which is the largest one in my set of 8.
  2. Nest and align that same die and the third largest die, and die cut a frame.
  3. Die cut on a piece of acetate using the second largest die. I didn’t include the die in the picture above. Adhere the acetate behind the frame.
  4. Get ready the foliage die cut pieces. Lay them out on the circle base then adhere in place. I also pasted blue beads, some 2 birdie sequins, and regular sequins as well.
  5. Die cut the word. Tie thread on the top and bottom loops of the letter L. Then align the word behind the frame before adhering down the threads in place. Trim off excess thread.
  6. Paste foam tape behind the back of the frame. I triple-stacked the foam tape.
    TIP — To conceal the foam tape around the frame, I trimmed a long strip of cardstock and adhered it all around the side of the tag.
  7. Place shaker mix in the middle of the round base. I opened up a pack of desiccants and included them as well.
  8. Adhere the frame onto the round base. Press down the foam tape so there’s no gap for the shaker elements to slip out.
  9. Make a loop with a piece of ribbon and adhere behind the tag.

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