Super quick beauty tips [2]

[Chapter: Japanese + zakka ]

How to slim down calf

Water retention causes calves to expand.

1. Wear a stocking, which is a good replacement for massaging oil.
2. Gently stroke upwards for 3 minutes.

How to slim down waistline

Exercise by breathing through the stomach.

1. Kneel on all fours.
2. Hold an empty 1.5L bottle in your mouth and blow into it. Don’t move the shoulders.

Is your pillow the right height?

This is to measure the distance behind the neck (with reference to the head) which should correspond to the height of your pillow, for better neck support.

Use one hand as a vertical guide and measure the horizontal distance with a ruler.

How to avoid waking up to a puffy face

Do you have this problem?

Make a U-shape formation on your pillow with 3 towels. This is to help in blood circulation and prevent water retention.

Don’t miss part [1]. I hope these tips will come in handy. If you’ve got your own tried-and-tested tricks, let me know please!

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