5 July 2011

Super quick beauty tips [1]

Interesting info from Japanese tv programs.

1. How to improve long-sightedness

Part I
1. Roll eyeballs up and down -10 times
2. Left and right – 10 times
3. Diagonal – 10 times
4. Rotate – 10 times
5. Repeat steps 1-4 10 times

Part II
1. Look at the palm lines for 10 secs
2. Look away for 10 secs
3. Repeat steps 1-2 10 times

Do parts I and II daily.

2. How to lift sagging eyelids

Step: Bring the ring finger towards the middle finger and use tape to hold them together.

The muscle stretches from the tip of the hand all the way up to the eye. Doing this helps lift the eyelid.

3. How to reduce double chin

Step: Tilt head back and stick out your tongue 10 times.

4. How to reduce waistline with a pair of sneakers

Where to place the shoes?
Determine the extent of the body’s balance. Lie down (face up), bend the right leg, then place the feet over the left leg’s knee cap and observe the height of the knee cap. Repeat with the left leg. Watch the segment at 5:25 (time).

If the right knee cap is higher, it means the right pelvis is higher than the left side. And vice versa.

1. Firm up the shoes by stuffing papers inside.
2. Lie flat and face down. If the right knee cap is higher, place one shoe at the protruded part of the right thigh. Place the other shoe below the left hip. Relax in this position for 4 minutes. Reverse the position of the shoes if your left knee cap is higher.

More quick tips next week!

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