Sunshine bracelets

A different breed…


From mid-October 2009, there were rampant reports on TV and newspapers on the devastation of flooding brought about by tornados in the Philippines.

However the event hit home closer than we thought when we found out from a Filipino friend working here in Singapore that his siblings in the Philippines lost their homes. He was planning a trip back to help. We wanted to help him. Help in giving and help in raising funds. I made the bracelets to raise funds among family, friends and co-workers. We thought hand-making a little something would be better than just asking for money. More than 100 bracelets were sold within a few weeks. Thanks to the many supportive souls.

Their message

The sale of these bracelets has been extended to bloomize readers (that’s you!) who would like to support me in this effort. Yes, the funding raising is still ongoing.

They are called “Sunshine” with the hope that as we take steps to rebuild our lives after a storm, the dark skies above us will clear and sunshine will come around once again. They are a cheery representation of a blooming scene flourishing under the sun.

Why bracelets?

I always have ready supplies and have been stringing bracelets for as long as I can remember. I made them for my favourite people in school and we all wore them to show how best of friends we were. Though that was many many moons ago, today, those same best friends have been given new bracelets :)

Bright uses

Every Sunshine bracelet is but a fun, casual accessory, intended for all gals between the ages 6 to 100. The bracelets are suitable as party favours, or as a little encouragement to a friend who is stressed, down or sick, Or like me, you can give them to your best friends.

The bracelet can surely be used as a charm on keys, or on bags; just loop it around the handle and witness a significant difference a little “sunshine” can make. Or simply pin it up like a garland on a notice board.

One more use!

I bring along a these bracelets to be given as momentos whenever I travel overseas. You just never know who you’ll meet.

How to order?

They are available here.