Standing Christmas tree cards

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These standing Christmas tree cards are a joy to create for this holiday season. I began by printing a tree image using a font, then use it as a template to cut out the tree shape on some woodgrain cardstock by Gmund, in dark and light brown colours. My initial intention was actually to print the tree image directly on the cardstock, but my ink-jet printer just wouldn’t allow it. The cardstock constantly jammed up.

These standing Christmas tree cards measure about 7.8″ tall and 6.7″ wide.


The tree is very easy to assemble. 2 tree cutouts make one standing tree.


  1. Print a tree image using the font “Carr Xmas Dingbats Regular” at a desired font size. The tree character is made with the dash symbol on the keyboard. Trim out the tree for use as a template. Use the template to cut out 2 tree shapes on cardstock. On the first piece of cardstock, make a slit from the peak towards the center. On the second piece, find the middle mark along the base and then make a slit from the bottom up. The length of each slit should be equal on both pieces.
  2. Slip the second piece over the first piece.
  3. Spread open to make the tree stand.


Next comes the decorating part. You can draw on it or embellish in any way you wish, with stamps, stickers and etc. I decorated mine with stamps by Avery Elle that were cut from their coordinating dies. I stamped and decorated on the smooth side of the cardstock, the underside is a beautiful woodgrain pattern.

For the dark brown tree, I heat embossed “Seasons Greetings” with white embossing powder, and adhered some sequins interspersed among the flowers. I dabbed the edges around the tree with white chalk ink and gold ink.

Loving the hint of gold and brown, along with the rest of the colours.

The embellishments are spread out onto the 2 halves on the first and second piece.

On the second tree, I went for a pastel look. The sentiment was white heat embossed, then I drew an outline of the tree with a white gel pen and dabbed the edges around the tree with white chalk ink. Small 5mm pom poms and sequins were also adhered.

The embellishments on this second card are all placed on the second piece so when the card opens up, there is a “divider” showing up. This is simply just another display option.

Finally, on a recent outing with my god-daughter and niece to the museum, I sneaked in some crafting time and had them draw and decorate their own trees. They enjoyed it a lot! And I couldn’t have asked for more.

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