Squishy banner with glitter glue

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My GD has recently become an official teenager which is why on this birthday card I came up with a befitting pun “Celebrateen A New Beginning”!

My perception of glitter glue has changed after witnessing its squishy ability!

What better way to mark this new chapter than with a squeezable banner! I utilised zip locked pouches filled with glitter glue behind the die cut banner windows. The glitter glue pack I bought comes with 5 colours.


  1. Fill 2 mini zip locked pouches with glitter glue. The pouch is fairly strong and measures 1.5″ x 2.56″. The length of the pouch is just about enough to cover 3 of the six banner windows. Hence I filled each pouch with 3 colours and so two pouches will cover all six windows. I bought them to store small tiny knick knacks actually. Be aware that air pockets will form within the glue pouches.
  2. Align the banner die on a card panel and die cut. My panel measures 4″ x 6″.
  3. Adhere a piece of acetate behind the windows. This is to prevent any messy spill should the bags burst.
  4. Hand letter the sentiment.
  5. Align the glue-filled pouches behind the panel so that each coloured glue is shown within each window. Secure their positions with clear tape along the edge of the pouches.
  6. Adhere the panel onto a card base with two-layered of foam tape.
  7. Align and adhere the twine along the top edge of the banner.
  8. Squeeze some dots of glue to accentuate. The glue might tend to form a peak on the paper however it will flatten out when it dries.


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