Slow Jo, a one-hand watch

[Chapter: Blooming zakka ]

Can you tell the time with only one hand on a clock? The unusual slow Jo watches from the maker Slow can fulfill that with a single hand that tells both the hour and minute! But how?

Let’s for a moment fix the movement of the hour hand between 1600 and 1700. On a conventional watch, the short hour hand moves forward within the gap between 16 and 17, while the long minute hand will make a full round to tell the number of minutes. On a slow Jo, the hour hand also travels within the gap of 16 and 17, and as it does just that, the hand points to the minute marking placed strategically within the hour gap. Every mark is 15 minutes apart.

An uncommon feature that not all of us are used to, but that’s what makes these timepieces exceptional.

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