Simple jar sling knot + a square knot

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This Christmas, I’m wrapping up bottles of kelp supplements (I personally take these supplements from the brand Country Life) as gifts. I’ve wrapped the glass bottle as you would with a circular-shaped container, and then tied a sling using a single piece of cord.

Knotted handles on jar bottles tied with hemp, cotton cord, and ribbon. Small circle tags (made along with these wreath tags) were also tied to the sling.

Work in process. I prepared a card with some brief facts about kelp for each recipient.


Before tying the actual jar sling, I first tied up the ends of the cord into a square knot. This is one of my 2 favourite ways to add interest to cord ends.

This square knot is tied using the ends of one single piece of cord. The back view of a square knot is a cross. Pretty handsome, knot you think?


  1. Lay out the ends of the cord as shown. L and R represent the left and right ends of the cord respectively.
  2. Lead R over L, then under L.
  3. Bring more R to go under L, and under L again.
  4. Let R be over L, and over L again, as shown.
  5. Lead the L horizontally across over R, then over R and under R. L has to go through the R loop.
  6. Tighten the knot.
  7. Turn over the square knot to reveal the cross knot.



  1. With a cord length cut to about 9x (or more if you want longer handles) the height of the bottle, knot the ends and create a 8 symbol as shown. Identify sections L and R. Note that the square knot is facing up.
  2. Place jar onto the spot where the loop intersect.
  3. Bring R over the jar and under L.
  4. Lead R over the jar and back to the right side. Identify A.
  5. Bring R under A.
  6. Repeat step 5 on opposite side.
  7. Lift A up on both sides of the jar, and adjust until the sling feels snug at the bottle neck.
  8. The cord at the base of the jar forms a cross.

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