Similar difference

[Chapter: City rounds ]

Hub and I met my family for a buffet dinner in an open-kitchen restaurant in a hotel on Saturday. That’s how cutlery is arranged on each table.

When I was heading to the salad bar, just a distance away someone signaled to me to have his plate removed from his table. Clearly it was my black blouse, which was somewhat similar to the waiters. If only he had seen my bermuda shorts. To pretend that nothing had happened and perhaps save him from embarrassment, I just went straight for my greens. :-)

During the course of the meal, the waiters band together to sing a birthday chorus and to present a cake at 3 different tables. There’s actually one more May baby at our table but the birthday girl didn’t want the attention.

3 thoughts on “Similar difference

  1. My dear Clara, my 2 daughters had their birthdays in april and early may , this month will be my mom and brother soon, and my son early June. They are all not happy with me because i am trying to organise a party for all – ALL IN ONE BIRTHDAY, save time and $$ also lah!! Call me cheapskate but really, I am sooo lazy to organise one as my kids want their friends over and me – is also the cook, driver, maid all rolled into one LOL!!

    no one ever mistaken me for a waiter but i’ve mistaken others for one many times :( quite an embarassment actually but it happens :)

    At m.kate’s blog: I LOVE BAYON – CAMBODIA

  2. LOL! Funny story, Clara! Waiters often do wear black ;o) Sounds like you had a nice time though. And fun presentation of cutlery! Happy Days ((HUGS))

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