PP floral die cut background

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That’s polypropylene in case you’re wondering what PP is. I like to die cut with this material that I’d saved from reusable shopping bags.

Die cut floral background and a hand lettered sentiment.

I had die cut from 3 colours of PP, namely green, pink and orange. And since I did’nt want a single coloured flower but wanted the flower to look a little realistic, I snipped off each die cut from its blooms and stems, then piece each stalk back by varying the colours. I describe the simple steps below.


  1. Stick a piece of double-sided adhesive sheet onto one side of the polypropylene pieces. Then die cut with the flower die. This turns the die cuts into stickers.
  2. On each die cut, snip off the 2 blooms from the stems. This is so that I can give each flower a green stem with 2 different coloured blooms.
  3. Lay the pieces out on the card panel leaving enough space for the wording. Then stick them down. I filled in the spaces with a few small green blooms.
  4. For those pieces that overhang on the card panel, I folded them behind the panel.
  5. For the sentiment, I drew some pencil lines to guide me as I wrote the message with 2 black markers.
  6. Adhere panel onto card base.

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