A photo beauty salon

How many times did you wish your photos could turn out better or different than the way they did?

Do you want to improve the overall lighting and colour of your pictures?

We are aware of how the less than ideal weather can affect the overall lighting of your composition. Even the wind can sometimes spoil your shot or your hairdo.

But fear not, with accurate and strategic makeup strokes, the outcome can be a much livelier scene and errors can be mended as if they never happened! And I can help you achieve that!

Transform Your Photos From Blah to Oooo!

I’m offering a Photo Makeup Service to help you turn your blah pictures into the ones you will enjoy even more!

My powerful colour palettes are Photoshop and Paintshop, tools which I have been actively using for the past ten years in my professional design work (which involves beautifying people, medical and industrial stuff). I can certainly help enhance your picture while maintaining its inherent integrity through these means:

  • Improve the lighting.
  • Promote colour vibrancy.
  • Apply natural softness while introducing a contrast.
  • Remove a background object or person.
  • Replace with a white background.
  • I don’t perform major cosmetic surgery on portraits but I can help with reconstructive work on damaged photos, the removing a surprise pimple, lessen wrinkles a little or even cleaning up/vacuuming the surrounding (take the stairs below as an example).

vacuum stairs

How much will this makeover cost?

Package A – $8 per image

This package involves basic enhancement of the lighting and enriching the natural colours of your photo plus other light facial touch up. You can also request to change to a nostalgic black-and-white photo.

Package B – $16 per image

This package consists of enriching lighting, facial/surrounding touch up, colour contrast, object removal and/or bokeh background. A PSD file will be offered to you so that you can go behind the scene, and learn if you new to Photoshop.

Here’s how you can get started with the makeup:

1. Look through your photo folders and pick those you want a makeover.

2. Select the relevant package and make a payment. Copy the Paypal transaction number.

3. Come back to this page to fill up the details below, attach your photo file(s) and send!

Your name (required)

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Paypal transaction id

Your editing request

Attach your file (max 3 files)

In order for the makeup to work well, I can only accept photos with a reasonably high-resolution.

Thanks for reading this! If this service should be useful to someone you know, please feel free to share with them.

Dedicated to beautifying your captures,

Clara @ bloomize