Pastries sticker scene building and embossed handwriting

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Yesterday I showed you how to improvise an embossing pen that I’ve found makes heat embossing your handwriting easy and nice. Today’s post shall be about putting the pen into action to add sentiments that describe a kitchen scene I’ve built using stickers.

Scene building card and bookmark with stickers and heat-embossed handwritten wording. Pastry-themed stickers are from Daiso.

The bunting on the bottom shelf is made by drawing a curve line then adhering sequins that were cut into halves. The card measures 5.65″ x 6″ and bookmark measures 3.15″ x 8″.


  1. To make gingham tabletop, cut thin strips of masking tapes to mask horizontal stripes on cardstock, then blend in Worn Lipstick distress ink. Mask vertically and repeat ink blending to make vertical stripes. Leave it to dry.
  2. With a black ball-point pen, draw horizontal and vertical lines to depict kitchen tiles.
  3. Shade a few tiles with Copic W0 and W1.
  4. Cut strips of woodgrain paper and glue onto cardstock.
  5. Use the improvised embossing pen to write the sentiment. Sprinkle with gold embossing powder and heat set.
  6. Flick in random spots of gold watercolour paint with a brush onto the gingham section.
  7. Build the scene with the stickers. Glue on some sequins.
  8. Paste some hearts that were die cut from woodgrain papers and fabrics.
  9. To make bunting on the bottom of the shelf, draw a curve line, snip sequins into halves and align them, then glue into place.

The splatters of gold watercolour paint are intended to look like food crumbs.

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