Origami leaf with or without veins

Chapter: Projects

This leaf is a great green companion to these roses or to any origami flower.

1-2. Fold paper in half diagonally.
3. Fold one third from the peak down. Repeat on the other side.
4. Fold up a triangle along the dotted line.
5. Fold down along dotted line.
6. Fold up again along dotted line.
7. Continue until the end.
8. Turn over. Fold down along dotted line.
9-10. Fold up along the line. Continue until the end.
11. Unfold the fan-like folds. Align as shown.
12. At the base, fold a strip as shown.
13. Open up.
12. Curl or bend around pointed edges to shape leaf.

To make without veins, skip steps 4-11.

29 thoughts on “Origami leaf with or without veins

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  2. Hi Bloomize! I just wanted to know that I really had fun with this tutorial. I made an origami memory box with a jungle theme and I used your leaves as the basis for all of the foliage. I hope you enjoy it!

  3. I love leaves & look forward to playing with your paper leaves as soon as i can take a break fro making my aprons. I am pinning this image to Pinterest with a link to your blog to spread good word of you there. Thanks so much for these leaves!

  4. Hey,
    just wanted to say that these leafs are great!! Tried one and had the idea to make tons of them for my wedding deco next year. I just changed step 12. a bit. I took a pair of scissors to cut the paper leaf into my desired shape.

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