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One of the first few things I experimented after purchasing a die cutting machine by Sizzix was to die cut out these paper page markers. Each piece was made with 2 dies that came from a set of #3 ornate label nesting dies. I had chosen this die set to be included in my bundle purchase because I thought the shape was unique. Still, after I came home with my machine and dies, I started having second thoughts and wondered if I should have gotten something else instead. Anyhow I’m so okay with them now that I know they make handy page markers for my books.

“A good book is a good friend” page markers, stamped with purple and blue inks.

Before making the page markers, I first prep my paper by colouring with some inexpensive (but made-in-Italy) markers I’d purchased from a bookshop in my favourite neighbourhood. All it took was to scribble the marker onto a piece of clear plastic and I used a waterbrush pen to wet mix with the ink, and then pick up the colour to brush onto some watercolour paper.

Not possible to show but I lightly painted the back of these papers too.

It was my first time trying out these washable markers in this manner and I was blown away by the result. These markers behaved so differently in the presence of water, their stark colours simply melted into gentle softer shades!

Now on with the making of the page marker, I used the 2 smallest dies from the nesting die set. The great thing about this technique is you can use dies of any shape — circle, oval, etc, as long as they are nesting dies.


  1. On the paper, align the smaller die in the middle of the larger die. Secure the larger die with masking tape. Secure another piece of tape along the top edge of the smaller metal die, I use this as a rough guide line for the next step.
  2. Sandwich the paper between the the cutting places, making sure the section above the masking tape securing the second die is protruding out of both cutting plates. Place it on the multipurpose platform (Tab 2). The area not sandwiched will not be cut.
  3. Send it through the machine.
  4. Remove only the smaller die.
  5. Resume the cutting of the larger die.
  6. I have a stamp set that had a sentiment I thought was apt to stamp on top.

You can never have too many page markers to keep tabs on key points.

I also die cut with regular craft foam and double-sided pattern paper. Think they look kind of sophisticated.

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