Monochromatic black and white scenes + watercolouring

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The more I use my Lyra watercolour pencils, the more I’m enjoying them. I’ve had them for a long time but have not used them enough. They are chunkier than regular pencils so laying down a wash of colour for a background is quick and easy.

Blackish and greyish watercoloured backgrounds with a black watercoloured pencil.

I’ve been especially loving the black colour and decided to make the backgrounds of these two cards dark. What I did was to scribble all over the panel with the coloured pencil then used a piece of wet tissue to distribute the colour. I just enjoy using tissue over a brush. I made the lighter greyish background by simply scribbling less colour.


  1. Scribble the watercoloured pencil onto cardstock. Scribble less colour to obtain a lighter colour.
  2. Wet a piece of tissue and spread the colour all over.
  3. For the lighter (greyish) card, stamp the image with a dark pigment ink and clear heat emboss. I used the Olympia Green ink which is a like-black kind of ink. After that, white heat emboss the sentiment. I also used a black marker to draw a couple of the swirls.
  4. For the black card, stamp the image with embossing ink and white heat emboss. Next on a small strip of cardstock, stamp the sentiment in with the dark ink and clear heat emboss. Adhere strip with foam tape onto the card panel.
  5. To make the scenes on both cards look busier, I added blobs of white Enamel Accents, and also die cut/punch out some smaller circles on black craft foam to adhere onto the panel using the white Konishi glue.
  6. Adhere panels to 4″ x 6″ card bases.

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