Monitor screen cards and square envelope making

On these square cards I stamped a computer monitor and a jar of flowers side by side as if they were next to each other on a desk. Then comes the fun part: die-cutting “onto” the computer screen image.

Die cutting on stamp. Each square card measures a little shy of 4 inches.


I cut down a polypropylene (PP) shopping bag and utilized the material to die cut the “Hello” and then use it as an inlay on the cards. The tiny hearts die cut from pink cardstock were inlaid as well. The colour combo I’m after is blue, purple and pink, with minimal colouring.


  1. Stamp the bouquet onto cardstock. Stamp again on Post-It paper, trim, then use it to mask off the stamped image on the cardstock.
  2. Stamp monitor screen. Remove Post-It mask.
  3. Align the “Hello” and mini heart dies, then send it through the die-cutting machine. Save the tiny inner pieces of “Hello”.
  4. Die cut all the dies with the blue PP material and pink cardstock.
  5. Run a tape runner all around a card base, then adhere the panel and all the inlay pieces.
  6. Colour the jar with Copic blue B000 and blend with colourless blender.


I thought the monitor screen was an apt venue for sticking a word so I had letters for the word “BLOOM” die cut from pink foam with an adhesive back. The tiny heart was die cut from the same PP material mentioned above and adhered. Flowers were shaded with 2 Copic pink colours.


I made 4″ square envelopes for these cards with the help of a mini scoring pad. To make scoring measurements a bit more accurate, I adhered a piece of tape diagonally across the 5″ marks.

Making a 4″ square envelope using a 7″ piece of square paper, with a mini scoring pad.


  1. Paste a piece of tape diagonally spanning across the 5″ marks on the side and top axes on the scoring pad.
  2. Align a piece of 7″ square paper diagonally along the tape with the 2 pointed ends aligned at the 5″ marks.
  3. Score at 2-7/8″, then rotate paper and score at the same mark. Repeat until 4 score lines are made.
  4. Cut off the shaded triangles shown above.
  5. Trim off a little along the red lines indicated above.
  6. Fold in the sides, then fold up the bottom flap. Secure all flaps with tape.

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