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21 04, 2008

This red sculpture stood before me as I stepped out of the subway exit last Saturday. Took some pictures from where I stood and went on my way…not knowing what I’ve taken.

Yesterday we drove round it to see if there was a description. There is. It’s ‘Momentum’, the work of an Israeli artist David Gerstein. The spiral structure is meant to represent this, perhaps that’s why it’s seated along the financial district. A little more googling revealed that it was unveiled in December last year.

On this next picture, I didn’t just gain Momentum but also a bird + a man and I only found out about their presence when I was zooming in on the sculpture with Paintshop. For a moment, I felt like a detective uncovering clues on a picture!

Chapter: City rounds
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    1. From Liz
      21 04, 2008 @ 9:19 pm


      At Liz’s blog: Fabric Silhouette Tutorial

    2. From M.Kate
      22 04, 2008 @ 1:58 am

      hi clara, very nice sculture indeed, i like the colours. it’s awards time, so i’m giving 2 to you, an E for an excellent blog, and a cute teddy ..i guess as a virtual bear hug to you:) me-balik kampong this friday so no internet for the weekend but will catch up when i’m back to urbanization….. :)

    3. From Tracy
      22 04, 2008 @ 8:11 am

      That is truly amazing!! It definitely conveys the engergy it represents! Thanks for sharing this! Happy week, my freind ((HUGS))

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