12 July 2012

Loving Japan

[Chapter: Japanese + zakka]

Now that it’s one month later, prolonged sudden aftershocks (35 to date) are still shaking the region, and shaking the people who are already enduring the unimaginable.

It’s encouraging to see communities around the world showing, lending, and giving support in all the ways we can think of.

Loving Japan” is an event held in one of our local malls, featuring tour packages, fashion/beauty fair and a games carnival. I saw an advice at a booth to travellers to bring their own batteries and drinking water if travelling to the country.

To give your support, may I again urge my dear bloomize readers to donate to the Japan Red Cross (see my Hope Japan page) or why not shop Nihon, which simply means buy Japanese zakka. And one such place to do so is of course at Earth Rejoice!

I had a trip planned to Tokyo this spring (to check out what’s new in stationery and to procure stock for my shop) but had to cancel because of work commitments here. I hope to be there again soon.

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  1. From bookjunkie

    my fave mall!! :)

    2011.04.12 @ 3:44 am

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