Loom band bows and sprinkles

Chapter: Projects   Series: Bookmarks & Cards

You know by now how I like finding new uses for loom bands, and not long ago I had tied them up into ribbon bows on these mini gift packages. On the following cards, they are back as ribbon bows but for just that extra interest I cut up a few more bands into bits and pieces for use as sprinkles on one of the cards.

Baking sprinkles were the inspiration behind the latest alternative use of loom bands.

These cards were easy to put together though sticking the little pieces took a while but nothing too time consuming. I also wrote my go-to puny sentiment which is another way of conveying a hello or birthday greeting. The stripe patterned cardstock was one I made by masking with washi tape and then smearing the open areas with a Pearlescent Orchid inkpad.


  1. Tie ribbon bows (see here for simple instructions), and cut up more bands into small pieces of various sizes.
  2. On each panel, draw a faint pencil line and write the sentiment with a black Touch marker. Erase pencil line.
  3. For the card on the left, adhere the bows and sprinkles in place. Cut a strip of patterned paper and adhere with a tape runner along the base of the panel. Adhere panel onto a card base.
  4. For the card on the right, use a pencil and a ruler to help mark out the spots before adhering the bows down. I used my trimmer to make a frame with the pink cardstock, making it a litter larger than the panel with the bows. The frame was popped up with foam tape. Adhere panel onto a card base.

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