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Magnetic forces always attract me, in other words I love magnets. When I played with magnets as a kid, I love to force 2 like poles to meet face to face and kiss. Now decades later I will likely repeat the same act if there were 2 pieces of magnets in my hands.

However magnetic sheets are what I have these days and I thought it would be interesting to incorporate them onto a card.

I have used A4 magnetic sheets found at Daiso and they are the dry erasable kind with a glossy coloured surface fronting the magnet. Though a little thick (0.8mm) and a little bit heavy, I think they worked out fine for me. I trimmed down the sheets with a getting-dull cutting blade (in case it stresses my better blade) on my cutter and it cuts like butter! I also scissors-trim from time to time.

In my usual make-a-variety style, I made 4 cards.


An interactive magnetic card “Love You Lots”.

A 90% magnetic card! It features detachable die cuts inlaid in negative spaces against a magnetic panel.

Here were the steps I took:

  1. Using a Bigz die, I die cut with 1) a red and white magnetic sheet that were cut down to about 5.5″ squares, and 2) pattern papers with double-sided adhesive sheet adhered on the reverse side. This gave me heart die cuts and their negative spaces in red and white magnets, and pattern papers in 3 different designs.
  2. Negative space from a pattern paper was adhered onto the magnetic side of a whole piece (not die cut) piece of magnetic sheet.
  3. Red hearts are die cuts obtained directly from a red coloured magnetic sheet. Pattern paper with adhesive backing was adhered onto white magnetic die cuts.
  4. A strip of leftover paper was pasted on the left.
  5. I wrote the words with a Uni oil-based black marker.
  6. The panel was glued with Tombow glue (Glossy Accents is another great alternative) onto 200 lb/425 gsm watercolour paper as card base, the heaviest paper I have. It measures 5.9″ x 7″ and the weight of the completed card is about 100 gm. Yes, I had it weighed.


This card was assembled the same way as the card above. I found that Archival Ink by Ranger worked better for stamping onto my textured watercolour paper.


This piece is unmounted because I intend for it to be a stand-alone puzzle panel. The red magnetic negative space was adhered onto a black cardstock. All the white hearts came direct from die cutting a white magnetic sheet. The corners were rounded as well.

CARD #4, magnetic fabric card

This card making process would not be complete for me without including fabric stickers. I adhered double-sided adhesive sheet onto the red fabric before running through the die cutting machine. Then it was assembled the same way as the cards #1 and #2. Blue fabric stickers made previously were stuck onto magnetic die cuts.

I really like the look and feel of magnets and fabrics on cards! I should be using more of them in future cards.

The supplies listed below are the ones I used for this project ⇙


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  1. Gorgeous cards Clara :-) I never saw magnetic card before and these are absolutely fabulous! LOVE them :-)

    thanks for joining us on the Simon Says Stamp Wednesday Challenge
    Lols x x x

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