How to cut an index card into a long necklace

Chapter: Projects


1. Get one index card (or cardstock) and a pair of scissors.

2. Fold it in half and crease the fold.

3. Position the scissors at the fold.

4. Make straight cuts but don’t snip right off the edge.

5. Flip (towards you) to the opposite side and be ready for another round of cutting.

6. Cut on the middle of each strip. Again, don’t cut right through the end.

7. You’ll get a zig zag like this.

8. Go back to the fold, skipping the FIRST and LAST strip, trim off the fold on all the remaining strips.

9. Open up and you’ll find a hole that is indeed big enough for you to make your way through from the head down or from the feet up.

This is adapted from Dr. Robert Krampf’s science experiment #11 on the science of topology.

If you cut narrower strips in step 4, the hole gets even bigger. And if you accidentally snip off the first or last strip, you will have cut yourself a paper streamer.

Say if you (ever) have to entertain someone with a simple trick or make a paper-party-necklace, you know what to do!

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