How to cut a pentagon and a star

Chapter: Projects

Here’s an ingenious way to cut a pentagon or a star from a piece of square.

1. Fold paper in half.
2. Make a fold as shown and pinch lightly around the middle.
3. Unfold.
4. Fold and pinch lightly around the middle, the opposite side to align with bottom edge.
5. Unfold. Identify the mid point.
6. On the left side, bring the bottom pointed corner to A. Crease.
7. Bring line b to align with line c.
8. Bring line d to align beside line e.
9. Fold right along the gap to divide into 2.
10. Cut along the edge to get a pentagon or a slope for a star.

5 thoughts on “How to cut a pentagon and a star

  1. I couldn't understand step 10? Instructions were perfect up to and including step 9 but I just couldn't see where to cut? (How to cut a pentagon and star) – thanks

    1. Hi Esmerelda, the starting point of your cut (whether pentagon or star) is at the start of line e (made at step 8). For the pentagon, make the cut along the slope of the flap made by line e.

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