How to clean a foggy fine mesh strainer

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Anytime a stubborn stain is finally removed, I get excited. Excited to want to tell everyone about it or write a book about it. I know book writing is ridiculous but blogging about it shouldn’t be.

For a long time I had a foggy-looking mesh strainer that resisted all my intermittent cleaning efforts, namely scrubbing with a sponge and toothbrush, soaking overnight in a baking soda solution, and even poking with the slimmest pin needle I could find.

Then the other night while I was using a melamine sponge to erase away some tea stains on my mugs, I so happened to reach for the strainer and began scrubbing the mesh surface with the sponge. The result? The “fog” vanished!

I hurried on to scrub another strainer that was suffering the same foggy fate, and let’s just say the fine sponge truly rubbed off whatever that was clinging onto the fine mesh.

Hello sunshine! Both these strainers look so much cleaner now that the “fog” has cleared.

Why hadn’t I done this earlier?! Anyhow it’s a breakthrough. My strainers are fine now.

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  1. That's awesome! You might want to try using Rockin' Green Soap on your dishes. It's eco friendly and gentle, but amazing at getting things super clean with no residue. I bet it would help you avoid getting a build up again!

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