How to bind papers without staples or clips [4]

Chapter: Projects

After writing parts 2 and 3, I was wondering if that would be the finale to paper binding without stapling or clipping. I was hoping it would not.

Some days ago while my mind was somewhat concentrating on a Korean drama on TV, my hands were focused on snipping and folding corners on unwanted papers. My “hard” work paid off – came up with 2 workable* methods. If only they were patentable or worth something.

1. Split the middle

Fold corner, make a slit in the middle and fold each half on opposite directions. I really like this more than this method. Works well on 15 sheets!

2. Slot-in

Fold corner, trim away a small middle portion along the fold. Unfold. Slip the peak into the hole.

* crisp papers work best

[Update: These methods are simply meant for informal use only, don’t try it on formal documents or schoolwork.]

15 thoughts on “How to bind papers without staples or clips [4]

  1. I often print out materials to go through and since the paper sheets are meant to be tossed afterwards, I usually don’t bother to clip/staple so knowing these how-tos come in handy. Thanks!

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  3. the first method is way better than the other ones! :) i always think that if you have to watch a drama, you have to do something productive during it. :) great thinking! it really works!
    the 2ns one might work better if you fold from back to front…im sure you’re inspiring lots of people like me to find new ways to fold…I once made the mistake of using a sort of sharp piece of metal bent into a”paperclip” to avoid using a staple…not fun for the teachers. ;) you can reuse staples too…I just pull them out and refold them all the time when I get stapled worksheets. :) thanks for sharing your ideas! they are patented yours in my mind

  4. Forgot to bring my stapler today and this works wonders for rough paperwork like grading rubrics! Thanks! I'm not sure how I'd react to an entire assignment submitted with this binding though… but it's a neat trick I'll definitely use again. Thank you!

  5. Some may wonder why anyone would need to bind together several sheets of paper with staples or paper clips. I am a volunteer social worker at a jail. Since staples and paperclips are sharp-pointed objects (and can be made sharper) they are not allowed. I have found the methods described here very helpful.

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