How to bind papers without staples or clips [3]

Chapter: DIY + techniques

Recently I found out about another impressive method that is too difficult to forget (however I did forget to bookmark the source).

All it takes is just one cut on one sheet of paper to make a booklet. It may look like an accordion, but it’s not. You’ll see why:

1. Fold half on one side. Fold quarters on the other side.
2. Fold up a quarter. Make a slit in the middle.
3. Raise up the middle portion.
4. Bring together as shown.
5. Gather up as shown.

I’m thinking this could be used as a gift tag, message card or a kid’s art workbook.

2 thoughts on “How to bind papers without staples or clips [3]

  1. I first found this method of folding booklets on the website You can choose from different page formats and print your own one page pocket organizer. I’ve got a desktop version of PockeMod that I use anytime I need a quick notebook. It’s especially hand for the graphpaper format that you can use to design your own cross-stitch and embroidery stitches.

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